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 Donation System - How to Donate (Instruction)

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PostSubject: Donation System - How to Donate (Instruction)   Thu Jun 12, 2008 6:47 pm

You can donate through G-Cash & through load 100, 300 & 500 card (smart or globe)


Pls pm me first here in chatbox or in my ym jhune_shimaki@yahoo.com
Transactions can be done after conversation.


First you must be a GLOBE subscriber then register through your cellphone.

How to register on G-CASH:

First you must have at least 2.50php load on your globe sim card.
Then create new message and type the following:

REG(space)PIN#[number only](slash)middle name(slash)first name(slash)last name(slash)complete address
Then send to 2882.


REG 1234/shimaki/jaimielle/chua/121 amanuma machi shiokawa fukushima-ken japan

How to donate:

to any Globe Store example: (SM) then apply for G-CASH money so you can
put money on your sim card globe. Fill-out their application form and
bring 1 Valid ID.
After you're done on the Globe Store transactions you can donate thru g-cash now.

Follow instructions below:

Then send to 28829173653368.


100 1234
send to 28829173653368.


Before you donate through G-CASH you must text Admin Emman first for the donation.
And wait for the reply.
CP # - 09173653368

Donations will be used for server maintenance and upgrades, so players
could experience much better quality and make the server lag free.

Thank You!!!


Dear Ran Reborn Gamers,

The management
would like to give you good quality and better gaming experience.
We opt to
upgrade our server and have our server lag free. For this reason we
that skills from 250-300 and other great weapons and items will be
available on donation basis via g-cash. Simply email at jhune_shimaki@yahoo.com for your donations and and enjoy the game.

Thank you for your continued patronage and more power!!!

Ran Reborn Team
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Donation System - How to Donate (Instruction)
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