Ran Reborn (The Rebirth)

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 Full Client Download

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PostSubject: Full Client Download   Full Client Download Icon_minitimeThu Jun 12, 2008 7:11 pm

Dear Ran Reborn Players,

You have a choice if you want to download the FULL CLIENT or the Splitted Parts Client.

Before anything else, if you dont have winrar software on you computer you can download it here: WINRAR SOFTWARE - you need this to extract the client to make it a folder.

Full Client Download:

Pls download here: FULL CLIENT DOWNLOAD

Credits to: X-Blader


Splitted Parts Download:

Each part of this is 6 minutes per file, your downlaod speed will depend also on your internet connection speed. Pls download all splitted parts from 1 to 13.

Ran Reborn Part 1

* Ran Reborn Part 2

* Ran Reborn Part 3

* Ran Reborn Part 4

* Ran Reborn Part 5

* Ran Reborn Part 6

* Ran Reborn Part 7

* Ran Reborn Part 8

* Ran Reborn Part 9

* Ran Reborn Part 10

* Ran Reborn Part 11

* Ran Reborn Part 12

* Ran Reborn Part 13

After you download all 13 parts pls download this software FSJ Software to join it together.
Install FSJ software on your computer and after that, hold your mouse and drag it from 1 to 13 parts of the splitted client then right click then click JOIN.


Pls download this HAMACHI DOWNLOAD so you will able to connect to server.2
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Full Client Download
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